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Hey all!

I hope someone can help me with this :slight_smile:

I am trying to trigger order creation in Shopify when the Lead Status of Contact has been updated in HubSpot.
I would know how to trigger action in Shopify but I am not sure how to start the scenario – how to get the Lead Status from HubSpot?

So basically it goes like this:

HubSpot Lead Status of Contact is changed > Order is created in Shopify.

Can someone help, please?

Thank you!

Hi @Dusan_Kolic,

I don’t really know the answer but 1) it sounds like a great workflow and 2) I’d take a look at “Watch CRM Objects”. It says “Triggers when a CRM object is created/updated.” which might be what you need :slight_smile:

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As Richard said, the Watch CRM Objects will be your best bet.

Don’t forget to tick the “lead status” field in the Output Properties, or you won’t get the field back.

The problem with the Watch module is that it’s not “instant”. So you can schedule it to check every x minutes only.

Another option, depending on your Hubspot subscription, would be to use Hubspot’s built-in automations to trigger a webhook on Make, and go from there. But if I remember correctly, you’ll need at least a “professional” subscription on Hubspot to be able to leverage workflows on their end.

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