Hubspot Watch CRM Objects

Goal: I want a notification (slack or so) when a Hubspot contacts is created.

Flow: I added the Hubpsot ‘Watch CRM Objects’ with 'Watch = Created (New). Also tried the ‘Watch Contacts’ Module.

Result: I receive all the contacts, instead of just the newly created one.

Question: Based on the naming of the module settings, I thought this should just work. Does this work for anyone by default, or do I need to filter data based on create date?

Hi @PascalM welcome to the Make Community :wave:

When setting up your trigger module, aka HubSpot > Watch CRM Objects, you can select a point in time from which Make starts processing your data.

Simply right-click on the module and select “from now on”.


Hi @Michaela
Thank you so much for the solution. Is the ‘from now on’ the default setting?

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Heya again @PascalM :wave:

That’s exactly right. You can learn more about this in our Help Center: Selecting the first bundle.

Specifically in the following section :arrow_down:

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Hi @Michaela
Ok that makes sense. I have no clue how I messed up this setting, respectively can’t remember changing it.

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