How to display google calendar png attachment to a discord message?

I’m making a scenario that sends a message to users in a discord server the day before an event on a google calendar. This part is working fine, however, I can’t seem to display the attachment. I can attach a png to each calendar event (I usually attach the event’s flyer), but when I try to display that attachment in my discord message automatically, I’m unable to.

The only way I’ve been able to is by displaying a google drive link in the discord message, but to see the event flyer you have to click on the link. Overall, it’s messy and not professional looking. Is there a way to automatically embed my link as an image when sending my message? Or another solution? Help would be appreciated.

Did you try to use the “get file” module from the HTTP app and map the module output in your Discord module?

Make sure the file permission in your Google drive is set as public for the “get file” module to be successful.

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I just tried that! I’m able to retrieve the file from HTTP get file (at least, I think so haha). But when I try to use “send discord message with embedded object”, It seems I can only display “file.html” (not the actual image, just the file name). Do you happen to know how to actually display the file? I’m unsure how to map the file into the output specifically. I tried “send discord message with file”, but that just sends a downloadable file of the event flyer (not a display of the event flyer). Do you know how display the image in the discord module?

I think your http module did not get the file. Can you show the http module output?

Hi! I actually figured it out! I didn’t use the HTTP module though. I had to take advantage of how google displays drive images through links-haha. Thanks so much for your help though!

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