How to dynamically change images in a Google Document using Webhook

Hi All,

Can anyone please advise how one can add dynamic images to a Google document template using a webhook from adalo?

(Basically, after retrieving data from Adalo using a webhook, the hope was to create a Google Document using a Google Document template on my drive; download the document in PDF and send to a desired email)

I can retrieve/change tags contained in a {{name}}, but I cant seem to change the image in the document dynamically.

Referring to the screenshot prompt; does anyone know what the postion:order (alt name) of the image refers to?


Hi @Roland_Ryf

To solve your issue, add ALT text to images in your Google document.** The module will more easily recognize them.

Adding an ALT Text to the Google Docs image

  1. Right-click on the image.

  2. Select the ALT text option.

  3. Enter the ALT text in the Title field and click OK.

After the ALT text is added to the image, the ALT text is displayed in the field name in round brackets:

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Set the Stage: Use a webhook from Adalo to retrieve data, including the URL or image data of the dynamic image you want to add to the Google document.
Design the Scene: Create a Google document template on your Drive, complete with an image placeholder where the dynamic image will be placed. Use a recognizable tag like {{imagePlaceholder}} as a temporary stand-in for the image.
Fetch the Blueprint: Use Integromat’s “Get a File” module to fetch the Google document template you created in step 2. This gives you a blueprint to work with.
Make it Personal: With the “Modify a Document” module, customize the fetched Google document by replacing the image placeholder tag (e.g., {{imagePlaceholder}}) with the actual image URL or data you received from the Adalo webhook. This step brings your document to life!
Remember, if you need any further assistance or have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. We’re here to make your automation journey smooth and magical!
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Hi Mohamed, thanks for your reply.

You mentioned “3. Enter the ALT text in the field and click ok” - what is meant by the ALT text? Do I type in {{Image URL}}. Cause that doesn’t seem to work?

Then, after the ALT text is added to the image, the ALT text is displaye din the field name around the brackets; is this where I insert the {{image URL}}.

Thank you in advance for your patience,

Hi Tanvee,

Thank you for your response.

How do i make a recognizable tag like {{imagePlaceholder}} as a temporary stand in for the image. Is this done under the ALT text title of the image? If so, this doesnt dynamically change the image, even though its replaced with the actual image URL received from the webhook.

Also, I cant seem to find Integromats “Get a File” or “Modify a document” Modules? I was just using Google Docs - create a document from a template (which google doc which was saved on my drive).


Hi @Pro_Tanvee ,

I also have the same question and your approach seems very interesting.
I need to upload an image from Notion in my Google Slide template. I have used the “Get a file” module, where I map the link of the Notion image, but I am not able to insert the image in the Google template. How and where do you insert the {{ImagePlaceholder}} exactly in Google?

I tried to insert an image placeholder in my Google Slide, but it seems I am not able to do anything with it to connect it to the “Get a file” module.

Thank you very much for your help :pray: