What code should I put inside Google Docs 'Template' to change it and display an image?

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So, I have a Google Docs template that I feed with data from Glide to form a dynamic document.
All working well, but I need to insert more than text, I need to feed my template with a dynamic URL that represents an image; but I can’t find a way to do that.
When I write {{content}}, for example, I can link it with the image’s link, but Google Docs won’t recognize it as an image and will show only a written-clickable-link. What can I do to force Google Documents to recognize an URL as an image and display it with dynamic weigth and hight etc? , for example?

I have tried feeding {{codes}} inside ALT TEXT and IMG TITLE , but it doesn’t work.

This is super important to my app, I urge a way to do that :S


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The “Create a document from a template” module only allows you to replace an existing image.

This means you need to insert an image placeholder in the template document first.

Then the image field will show up



Hello, samliew
Thanks for your reply!!

I already have an image in my template, but the make module doesn’t recognize it, it keeps showing that warning “selected document does not have any image”.
I have tried to insert this placeholder image via upload from PC and via URL, both cases doesn’t work.

What could I be doing wrong?

Please provide a public link to your document template.

Sure! Here it is: Template Laudo - Google Docs

Something just happened:
I added an image using crtl c + crtl v and BAM it worked. I could set it to be replaced via Make module just like you said, Samiliew. But then I tried to set standart dimensions (16:9 proportion) for the image vida Google Docs and then it just stopped to be shown on Make’s module.


hmm, it looks like only unmodified images can be used then


Seems to be it indeed.

Do you know if there is a way to fix image’s width and height?
I want to make it possible for users to append whatever images they want, but in the document the image must be displayed specifically with 3x4 cm, for example.

Maybe using the batchUpdate endpoint with a “InsertInlineImageRequest”, which allows you to specifiy the size.


Hey, Sam

Thanks for your support!
I managed to create a solution: I inserted a table in my Google Docs and placed an unmodified image inside a table cell. This way I can position the image and limite the size without touching the image’s config.

It is working for now, at least


Oh wow, that’s a really clever workaround! Thanks for sharing your solution with us.