How to encodes urls?

Trying to figure out which do I use to encode a url and settings ?

Could you please provide an example of a normal URL and an output URL that you want to achieve?


I would much rather use their API but im also struggling with that, However, this will method will work just wont be pretty , My Ultimate Goal is to shorten my Amazon links if theirs a easier way please let me know

This is what im trying to accomplish from this website this is the example they provide

If your target product URL is:

http://www. amazon .com/21-Adele/dp/ B004EBT5CU/

Once you URL encode that, it becomes:

http%3A%2F%2Fwww. amazon .com%2F21-Adele%2Fdp%2FB004EBT5CU%2F

this will be the final result :arrow_heading_down: amazon .com%2F21-Adele%2Fdp%2FB004EBT5CU%2F (spaces in link so it wont show the pictureof site)

Looks like there’s already a built-in function for that: encodeURL()

{{ encodeURL("") }}

For more information, see


Thanks that worked! But now im running into a cant parse text error can i use that same format in telegram ? to escape HTML ? nevamind this wont work maybe a error handler ?

No problem, glad I could help!

In future, please create a new thread for each question. This makes it easier for others with the same problem to search for the answer. Thank you for your cooperation!


not a problem just feel like this relates , i did fix it i figure out i needed to add {{ encodeURL }} into the telegram module . Thanks again for your help I’ll be back :grin: