encodeUrl not working for query string

I am facing possibly a bug here.

Even though I set encodeUrl to false in a custom module connection, the query string gets encoded (spaces are replaced with %20), however the API I’m connecting to does not recoginze the string if spaces get replaced.

Any ideas how to prevent the encoding of the query string?


Module’s Communication settings:

	// Request to API endpoint with parameter "id" defined in Mappable parameters.
	"url": "/theUrlPartImCommunicatingWith",      // Relative to base URL
	"method": "GET",
	"headers": {},                          // Additional HTTP headers
	"qs": {
		"$expand": "salesOrdSubPartLines",
        "$filter": "{{if(parameters.type === 'filter', buildQueryFilter(parameters.filter), parameters.query)}}"
	"encodeUrl": false,

	// Response handling
	"response": {
		"output": "{{body}}"                // Return JSON response body as an output bundle.

Request part copied rom the RAW tab in Chrome extension: (not encoded)

"request": {
        "url": "requestUrlWithoutQueryString",
        "qs": {
            "$expand": "salesOrdSubPartLines",
            "$filter": "orderEshopStatus eq 'Paid' and createdDateTime gt 2024-04-03T23:13:00.000Z"
        "headers": {
            "user-agent": "Make/production",
            "authorization": "***"
        "method": "GET"

CURL request (encoded)

curl -X GET ‘https:requestUrlWithoutQueryString?$expand=salesOrdSubPartLines&$filter=orderEshopStatus%20eq%20’Paid’%20and%20createdDateTime%20gt%202024-04-03T23:13:00.000Z’ -H ‘user-agent: Make/production’ -H ‘authorization: ***’