How to extract words from Google calendar tiltle sync to notion database columns

Hi, I’m trying my first automation and running into an issue

I want to sync my Google calendar and notion database for building up a CRM, and try to extract specific words/number of Google calendar event’s title to corresponding columns in database.
But can’t find right variable to set up🥲

There are a lot of information in my title
My Google calendar title:
Client’s name(lesson 2/10; $; payment date and methods)
Cause the course can shared with families. May my client buy the course and her daughter share with her.
Then the title will be:
Daughter name(mom name lesson 2/10, $, payment date and methods)

Notion datebase column
Client’ name
Class dates
Payment methods: cash, remittance, line pay
Lesson number
Buyer name
Payment date

I tried use the variable in photos, also “split” variable . Still can’t work🥲
Thanks for everyone’s time.