Notion Calendar Database to Google Sheets

Hi, I’m making my first automation and running into an issue.

Here’s exactly what I’m trying to do : I need to synchronise items in a Notion Calendar (before the official Notion Calendar was announced this is a simple “calendar” database) to a Google Spreadsheet, by order of dates.

I have created a notion node at the beggining to “Search Objects” in my DB, it finds everything fine however, by default, it doesn’t start parsing “from today’s date forward” but “from the last edited item”.

Problem is : Some items haven’t been updated in weeks but still, in calendar terms, come “before” the last edited thing.

Is there a simple way to do what I need ? Thanks

I’ve tried it again with the Notion to Google Sheets template, now it’s properly propagating ALL my data , even stuff from way back

But now, at some point the date field goes… weird

I’m gonna keep trying, googling, searching, but if I may add a little review, as a new user this is a good example of my experience with Make. It seems like a great and powerful tool but it’s too… complicated. Errors are all over the place and weird, I feel like i’m going to burn all my free credits just debugging and trying to get a simple 2 node setup to work properly, I’m spending more time googling and debugging each micro-step than actually gaining time automating anything.