Google Calendar to Notion with date filter

Hello, I’m trying to setup a 2-way sync between Google Calendar and Notion.

I’ve come across an issue with the sync from Google Calendar to Notion.

I only want all events from one month before today and six months from today to sync to Notion from Google Calendar.

I have tried various different datetime filters and formatting in different places, but no events are syncing.

Currently, I have this setup which produces no events, when there are many that will fall into the criteria.

I would appreciate any help.

Welcome @Little_Rocket to the Make community :wave:

Can you check the filter: the first part you used the operator Datetime operators: Later than but for the second part you have Text operators: Equal to
Can you try with the operator Datetime operator: Less than?


Great spot, but I’ve tried both of the following with no results.

Hi @Little_Rocket and Welcome,

Could you add a screenshot of the output bundle of Google module (maybe date formats aren’t in phase) ?




Hi, since you are looking for date, I think you should use the “Datetime” operators.
I did a little test and the formulas work for me:

BTW, you can also limit the search results of Google, by entering the formula in the search settings. I used days, but you can use your addMonths formula as well.

If you still do not get the result, can you check the filter log and the output bundles from Google? If you haven’t got a filter in the search module, and you have a limit set to say 10, it can be that no output bundle matches your filter.