Sync Issues Between Google Calendar and Notion Using Automated Workflows

Title: Sync Issues Between Google Calendar and Notion Using Automated Workflows

Body: I’ve been using automated workflows to sync my Google Calendar with my Notion calendar, and I’m encountering some synchronization issues that I hope to get some assistance with.

Here’s the problem:

  1. When I create an event in Google Calendar, it successfully syncs to Notion as expected through my first scenario workflow.
  2. If I edit this event in Notion and run my second scenario, the changes reflect back in Google Calendar—so far, so good.

However, trouble starts when:

  • I edit the same event again in Google Calendar and re-run the first scenario. This results in the previous changes made in Google Calendar being reversed—undoing my manual update.
  • Similarly, if I create an event in Notion, run the second scenario to sync to Google Calendar, and then edit the event in Notion followed by running the first scenario, the edits are lost, reverting to the original details.

It seems like the workflows are not recognizing the latest changes and are overwriting them with the older versions. Has anyone experienced a similar issue or have insights on how to resolve this? I’m looking for a solution where edits can be made in either Google Calendar or Notion, and the changes are updated across both platforms without being overwritten by the automation.

Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Hello @Carlo ,

Welcome to the community.

This could be because in both scenarios you check the events in calendars.

So if you create a new event in Google Calendar and run the first scenario(Google > Notion) It will create a new event in Notion.
Then if you update the same event in Google and execute the scenario again (Google > Notion)
it will update the event in Notion. But if you execute the second scenario(Notion > Google), there are now 2 tasks waiting to process. The first is when you create the event > this will update the event in Google to the first values and it creates a new task in Google Calendar to process with the first scenario(Google > Notion).
So you are now in the circle.

You could check if the event was updated and when was the last update.



Hey guys, I tried the 1st scenario OP Carlo made with no success, looks the same but something is not set properly. Where can I find more guidance in order to “make” it?

I would only need Gcalendar to Notion and not the other way around, yet.

Hello Valentino
I have the same problem as you. I have followed the following youtube video
BUT I still do not have all my events uploaded on my notion. Have you found more guidance?