Trigger:Google calendar -> updates gCal event -> Triggers new process


This is probably a stupid question - my first try on working with this kind of services. But here we go:

I have a process that triggers when an event in Google Calendar is created or updated, it then does some stuff in Notion which works good and then I want to insert the link to the Notion page into my google calendar event. And of course, this triggers a new action.

Is it possible to some how make a change to the calendar event without triggering the process again?

I’ll upload a picture of the process, not sure if this is helpful. And to the people at → This might be something you would do a template of, I know there are thousands of hungry Notion user eager to have a sync between g

Cal and Notion to-dos.

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You could put a filter after the trigger so that it only continues if the event doesn’t contain a notion link in its description.