How to Fix Authorization Errors?

Hi Everyone!

I am often (and unpredictably) encountering the error:
“401 OAUTH_027: Team not authorized.” in a number of ClickUp automations I have built for a client

After doing some research and troubleshooting myself, here is what I implemented:

  1. Deleted all connections except one
  2. Changed the connection from a personal authorization token to an Oauth connection (I used, and successfully followed, this article
  3. Added a “sleep” function before all scenarios

These changes have reduced the error from occurring every 1/2 scenarios, to more like 1/10 scenarios. Therefore, it seems like all of the above were good and effective steps to take. However, although errors are greatly reduced, it is still occurring with frequency given the number of automations in this space. The changes above were not enough to eliminate the errors completely.

Is there anything I can do to prevent this “[401] OAUTH027: Team not authorized” error from occurring that I haven’t already tried? Thank you for any help!

Hi @ColinMakes
This is a common error in ClickUp side, and I also encounter this error from time to time but it is resolvable. To resolve this make sure:

  • You have connected an admin account to ClickUp
  • Your selected location (task, folder or list) is shared with your account

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I also noticed that putting in a Sleep tool a couple of seconds before retrieving the information cuts down on the error occurring.