How to generate a webform from any database (e.g., a Google form with quiz questions from a Google Sheets)


I would like to automate webforms generation, say, to create quizzes. Which of the form apps allow to do it via Make? Will it be possible to create it with Google forms? The data may be any, e.g., the questions may be stored in Google Sheets.

hi @AVO ,
Google Forms allows you to work with responses to the quiz questions, but I don’t think you can use it to generate a quiz. See this tutorial - Google Forms.

If you want to create a quiz try Typeform - Create a Form.

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Extending on this answer,

Creating a form is relatively easy with a few platforms, if every sheet maintains a rigid “structure”. This is a difficult task if every sheet is formatted differently.

Hi @AVO,

Check out Jotform it has a good API with a “create form” endpoint.

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