Looking for an alternative to Google Forms with good integration options

Hi all,
I’m looking for an alternative to Google Forms where I can prefill a form with user data via Make. I do not want the data in the url which is why I am looking for another solution. Jotform doesn’t seem to work either other than the url. Any ideas?

I’m not sure it’s possible. Most forms will use the URL to populate them

It is possible to download the form source code and host it on your own website then populate it using JavaScript

I don’t know how you do that but there are some support requests that discuss that.

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i had this problem. The solution I found took me a while but it worked really well… and completely changed my workflow. Before I say what I did let me say “i am not a coder”. I have a good understanding of websites but i have a rudimentary knowledge of HTML, it took me a while but i got there.

The solution i discovered was to use the webhook output to create an HTML page which contained the form. In the output module I assigned the Make values to “value” parameter of the field. FOr example

First name:

where {{5.fname}} = fname field in module 5.

See this vid on the official Make YouTube channel (this was lightbulb moment for me)

I fully understand this response will create a billion questions however if you can get the gist of it you can build a front end to Make.

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