Connecting Make with Jotform

I set up a Jotform Module - and add Watch for Submissions. I add a webhook, then connect to my Jotform. My forms appear and I select the one I want. When I confirm, I get an error 404 message. I have tried different browsers, logging out and logging in. Same error message.

If I add a scenario, and choose “Webhook” - I can then copy the URL produced in Make into the Jotform integrations section. This I thought would be a good work around, but it doesn’t actually return any of the data from the form. It gives you a load of metadata options. All the important data is omitted.

Help !!!

Here’s a screenshot of a Jotform webhook that should pull in data, name, detail and USD amount info. These are all outlines in the Jotform. As you can see, it’s giving me none of those options inside Make.

Anyone interested, the solution was in Jotform. When you take your API key you have to select full access, not just read only x

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Hello @philparkinson :wave:

Awesome work figuring this out on your own :clap: And thanks a lot for stepping back here and sharing the solution with the community, we 100% appreciate that!