Jotform submission to trigger Box folder creations, Google Sheet rows, and to send an email

Hi All,

I am new to Make and I am hoping to get some help. I am working on creating a scenario in which a jotform submission triggers box folder creations, google sheet rows, and ends with sending an email.

I have the scenario active and submitted an example submission and have not received any notification that the scenario worked. I tried to run it once and it just spins forever.

I attached a screenshot of my scenario. I have checked all my connections too.

The trigger module looks like it is waiting on data. You either need to create a new jotform submission/record or you need to right-click on the trigger module and select “Choose where to start”

I would select Choose Manually and select a single record to run a test.

Once you confirm everything else is working as expected you can choose a date or earlier record to begin processing old records, if you have any.



@Malkier’s advice is close but not entirely correct.

You only need to create a new submission for the scenario to run - this is because the Trigger module is an “INSTANT” Webhook.

You cannot manually select past data/records to run with.

For more information on Jotform “Watch for Submissions” webhook module, see

For more information on “INSTANT” triggers, see


HI @samliew thanks for the reply!

So I did make some new submissions and nothing happened still. My attached screenshot on my post was after I had submitted a jotform submission.

Hi all! I ended up working, I had the wrong webhook linked.

Now I am having trouble getting the file uploaded to my jotform to be uploaded to a box folder


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