How to get an AR aging report from Quickbooks online using the API Call?

Hi, I am trying to connect to Quickbooks and pull a report using the Call API, does anyone knows how to do this? what is needed? what is the URL needed requested by the module?

Thanks! have quickbook module “make an api call”

See this doc here for more information… Or let me know if you wanna outsourced.

@Princy Hector already knows the existence of the “Make an API Call” module. They are asking HOW to do “Pull a report” using the Quickbooks API. The least you can do is link to the Quickbooks API documentation.


@Princy @samliew Yes, I know there is a “Make an API Call” module. I having problems mapping the fields with the Quickbooks API. Is there any restriction? Do I need to create credentials first for production instead of a sandbox account?

Screenshot 2023-08-25 at 10.11.06

@Hector_Rojo_Duran seems like you have added extra spaces in end of url… have you added anything in query string??

I added only the “report_date”

I am not sure how set date works but i will suggest to try with normal date. I guess set date is the issue

Thanks for your help, I found the error was the URL string I was parsing. and the Date format as well since Quickbooks format is YYY-mm-dd

Hi @Hector_Rojo_Duran

I could see two mistake in the API Call.

1.Please check the URL, I could see that it include extra path actually it need related path after company.

2.setDate only accept date value you have used test value. So please use formatDate and ParseDate function to make the text value to date format.

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