QuickBooks Simple Report

I have connected QuickBooks and Google Sheets and even Slack.

My goal is to have Make pull any transactions for the last days and push them to a channel in slack.

I cannot see any function in the QB module that just basically lists the last 50 transactions or any transaction older than NOW and newer than today -7 days.

Anyone any ideas on how to do this?

What have you tried so far in your scenario? Which QuickBooks modules have you tried to use? There may be a way to pull all transactions and then use a date filter to filter on a specific set. addDays({{now}};-7) is the expression you can use to automatically specify a date 7 days ago.

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Thanks for coming back to me.
I have tried the QuickBooks Event template - QB > Slack.
I also tried Search for Journal Entries, Search for Purchases, Search for Actions.

The bones of this problem is what to query.
I had the filter in place for Older than addDays({{now}};-7)

But Im not sure what to query to get an array of transactions that have been imported from the bank feed.