QuickBooks Delays & Frequency of QuickBooks webhooks

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There are several problems with Make’s QuickBooks modules, but one of the biggest problems is that Make’s QuickBooks webhook triggers for “New Event” and “New Payment” are way too slow.

It takes QuickBooks anywhere from 5-25 minutes to notify Make of a change in QuickBooks, and this is primarily because Make has misconfigured their webhook settings on Intuit’s servers.

As you can see from the sceeenshot below, QuickBooks offers Make’s engineers the ability to reduce the delay of the webhook notifications down to 1 minute, but it seems like Make has not yet taken advantage of this option.

Can Make please take advantage of this setting, so that we can get QuickBooks triggers moving faster?

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Hello again @ScottWorld :wave:

Thanks a lot for the feedback! I’ve passed it on to the dev team, and they’re currently exploring the possibilities. I will keep you posted once I hear from them.

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This is wonderful! Thank you, @Michaela!

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It looks like @Darin_Patterson just took care of this issue! :smiley: :raised_hands:

Check out the replies at the bottom of the page here:

Thank you so much, @Michaela and @Darin_Patterson ! :heart_eyes: