QuickBooks New Event Webhook Isn't Working

Hi All

Just trying to listen for events like invoice creation/deletion in QuickBooks and send it to make to further process and send it to our CRM.

Issue is, QuickBooks New Event module’s webhook doesn’t seem to be connect or work. Please refer to the attached image, where you’ll see that I don’t have the webhook address which is what I suspect the problem might be. But I did connect to my sandbox company from the dialogue pop up though. So that also seems to have worked.

Waited for about 2 hours, but still nothing.

Could it be that there’s something wrong in my connection? Clicked on the verify button and it checked as well. Pictures attached.

Hi @Shahriar_Sakil

Please copy the URL and append any data to the end of it to ensure it is being received correctly. If it doesn’t work, create a new webhook and test it again.

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Just disconnecting everything and then reconnecting worked. In case anyone faces this in the future, make sure that Make.com shows up in the Apps tab of your QuickBooks. For me it wasn’t the case the first few times. Strange but that’s how I knew it was connected later on, and not before.