How to get the data of Card Creator from Pipefy?

Good afternoon dears.

I’ll really apreciate your help if you help me on this situation.

I’m getting in touch with you on this case because I still having the same problem that I mentioned in pasts request that I open to the make.

I’m trying to get the data of Card Creator from Pipefy platform but I’m not having success on this . Could you please help me on this with step-to-step to how make it?

I’m from Brazil and new here in make. I tried several times to ready the API tutorials but it didn’t help me to can resolve this issue.

Could you please help me on this?

I also already tried the “Get Card Info” but it don’t show the data of Card Creator

I already try the make community but without success.

I look forward to hear from you.

I really will appreciate your help on this.

Thank you!

Cainã Leite

Data and Process Annalist from Petfive Brands.

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Hi there!

Try this below, it should get the creator of that card:

query {
    card(id:<map the card ID>) {
      created_by {


Thank you for your reply! I already resolve it using the same solution that you send!

I just have to put in the Hearders the Authorization and the API code.

Thank you for your time!