How to get the process done for multiple lines from a shopify order

Hi everyone,

I’m getting stucked with something that may be ridicule but I can’t get over it…

Here’s my process:

This process is working great when there is only 1 product in the order.
If more, it’s not able to go through product n°2, 3…

Here’s the content of my first agregator where we can see that I have 2 different products in one order (2 bundles):

However, only the first bundle go through the Google Drive folder’s creation.

As we can see here, only one bundle in the process.

The last iterator:

If anyone could help me I’d be really grateful !!

Have a great night !

Here’s the answer:

First no need to use an aggregator in this case:

Then in the 2nd iterator, you just need to choose “ map” :

And then it’s working


Hey there @Nicolas_Leblanc :blob_wave:

Just wanted to step in and congratulate you on the great progress you’ve made while dealing with your issue.

Also thank you very much for keeping us in mind and coming back here with the final piece of information that helped you deal with this challenge. This way we keep the community healthy and neat for others.

Keep up the great job! :meow_party:

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