How to include images when creating Etsy listing?

Hello - I’ve made a basic Sheets to Etsy integration to create a new listing, but after almost an hour of searching, I can’t figure out how to upload images with the listing(s).

Etsy won’t let you save a listing, even as draft, without images.

My sense is that I need an app in the middle there that uploads images, maybe to Google drive, and then somehow that’s incorporated with creating the Etsy listing, but I can’t figure it out.

Thank you!

You can use Make’s “Create A Listing” module and then use the returned listing_id in Make’s “Upload a Listing Image” module. The image will need to be sent as an attachment as a data stream, so you’ll need to pull the image from Sheets, (or SFTP or HTTPS server, or some other method) where the image is publicly accessible to Make.

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This is great help, however, I am having trouble pulling an image from google sheets. I have the image in the cell and the cell connected in the data stream field, but keep getting an error: Missing value of required parameter ‘data’.

Though the image is there. I used Insert> Image in cell

Any suggestions?