How to integrate into CI/CD?

Hi folks. I am new to Make and building my first Make integration. I have some questions about integration into a CI/CD pipeline.

This is what I’m looking to achieve:

  • A ‘Make’ app per environment, eg ‘develop’ ‘integration’ ‘production’
  • To be able to work on the integration in the ‘develop’ environment, and commit that change to my code repo.
  • Auto generate samples and schema from my existing schema definitions so new fields are automatically included.
  • To deploy the same application behavior, to the integration and production environments as part of a release. I.e. via some sort of API / CLI etc…

Is the API that the VSCode SDK uses published somewhere? I was unable to locate documentation for it.

Alternatively are there plans for something like ‘make-cli’ to enable deployment from the command line?

Has anyone integrated their Make app into a CD pipeline? Any tips to share?

Thanks v much.

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We are actually about to implement part of that at Ibexa.

Our goal is to synchronize our app with github, with branches and pull-requests.
When a developer gets started on a feature, a branch is created, that is populated (using github actions and APIs) with the reference version of the app. A copy of the app is also created on the developer’s account so that they can work in VSCode. When the branch is approved and merged, the code is merged into the reference version of the app is was branched from.

We are about to get started on this, so I should be able to tell you more.

How our QA team will integrate into this remains to be determined, but we have a few ideas.

Oh, and the VSCode plugin is actually open-source: GitHub - integromat/vscode-apps-sdk: Integromat Apps SDK plugin for Visual Studio Code. About the API’s doc, yes, there is an SDK API, the one used by the plugin. And also by the UI. Whatever you do on apps in the UI will trigger API calls that you can inspect and learn from.

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Thanks Bertrand, that’s very useful information. Certainly keen to hear how you progress, there must be a few of us in the community looking for a similar strategy.

Absolutely, it is painful to manage APPs with various developers. Not sure if there is already an open Canny request. Did you check?

From what I could gather with our contacts at, this is an aspect for which they did get lots of requests. Not sure what was publicly reported, though.

Hey folks and welcome to the new joiners :wave:

@elgordino As mentioned above by @Wemakefuture, you can log all your suggestions or see if they’ve already been mentioned and vote for them over at:

:arrow_right: Make Idea Exchange :arrow_left:

These are some exciting plans @Bertrand_Dunogier, awesome stuff! I just wanted to let you know that once you’ve developed your solution, you can list it in this category in the community: Exchange - Make Community.