Updated VS Code documentation

I’m trying to get the Visual Code plugin working, however the documentation is behind on this. The plugin is updated to Make, but the documentation is based on the old plugin. It even seems that not all plugin elements are updated.

  • there is no popup about adding a new environment
  • the extension settings show different layout/content
  • the Make Apps: Add Environment command gives errors about non-existent commands

Command ‘Make Apps: Add SDK Environment’ resulted in an error (command’apps-sdk.env.add’ not found)

Can someone give me a hint on how to get the VS Code studio to work?

Did you follow these instructions after installing the Make Apps SDK VS Code extension and adding your API key?

I was able to add the API key and go to the Command Palette to “Make Apps: Add the SDK Environment” and configure the relevant information.

Here’s the VS Code settings.json that configures the environment if you want to do it manually.

"apps-sdk.login": true,
    "apps-sdk.environments": [
            "uuid": "3409f038-ddc7-45dc-8b67-0419987169c5",
            "url": "us1.make.com/api",
            "name": "NewPath Sandbox",
            "apikey": "<YOUR API KEY>",
            "version": 2
    "apps-sdk.environment": "3409f038-ddc7-45dc-8b67-0419987169c5",
    "json.schemas": [],
    "githubPullRequests.pullBranch": "never",
    "git.enableSmartCommit": true,
    "workbench.startupEditor": "none",
    "apps-sdk.apikey": "<YOUR API KEY>",
    "http.systemCertificates": false

I was able to get it to load my apps and sample open source apps

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Yup I did, but I get an error when trying to add an environment.

Thanks for the settings overview. Now it works like a charm!

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Good to hear, I am glad I shared the settings.json just in case from a working situation.

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I’m working on a custom app and this was super helpful. Thank you!!

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