Strange mixture of environments / zones

Dear community,

I would like to develop a Make app and I have some super strange behaviors. It would be great if somebody could help me:

Also my vscode is connected to and does not allow to do changes to the app:


Does anybody has an idea how I can fix this? Can I “migrate” everything into one zone?

Best regards

You might have accidentally specified the wrong environment while setting it up in VS Code. Unfortunately you can’t change the server after that – you can manually copy the app over or contact support for assistance.

For quicker assistance with technical problems, you may want to contact support directly. They respond very quickly and update you frequently on the status of their investigation.

Hope you can share the resolution with us if you manage to solve this problem!


Dear @samliew ,
thanks for the answer. I have one question about your proposed solution, “copy the app over”.

Here is my problem:
My app uses some IML functions. Support told me that it is not possible to create/write IML functions currently. As far as I understand I can not just copy the app over because it will not possible to take over the IML functions and this will change the functionality of the app.

Is my understanding correct? Am I the only one who is using IML functions and does not know what to do right now? I would have guessed that IML functions are quite common and used in many apps. :frowning:

Hello Christoph,

The confusion was made by our team. I am sorry for the inconvenience.

I just cloned the original Seatable app and stored its copy in your EU2 account. Now, you should be able to see it, edit it, and add it to your scenarios.

Regarding custom IML functions, they are temporarily disabled in all accounts on Make as our development team is actively working on a redesign of Custom IML Functions, incorporating advanced technologies in the background to enhance security and overall performance.

This decision was made with careful consideration, and we want to assure you that we are dedicated to delivering a solution that meets your expectations. We have already successfully verified the new technical solution with the Custom Functions feature for scenarios.

Once the new custom IML functions are ready and back, we will let the users, who were limited by this situation, know and enable the functions again.

In the meantime, if you need to create or update a custom IML function, please, contact our support. We have a way how to assist you with that.

Thank you


Thanks. Now I can start to work on a new version of the SeaTable App in Make.


Short update to close this task:

  • I created a new version of the SeaTable App. Interesting parties can try the new version with this invitation link:
  • I added new modules and rewrote some existing. In the end, I could avoid using IML functions (except for one).
  • I gather feedback in January 2024, in Mid/End Q1 2024 I will replace the existing SeaTable App with the new version.

Christoph from SeaTable.