Problems with VS Code and Plugin Updates

Dear Community,
I took over the responsibility of the approved App “SeaTable”. SeaTable is like a self hosted, european Airtable alternative but this is not important here.

Now I want to do some updates to this app and I have some super strange problems and I hope the community can help me:

1) vscode and web shows different things

As you can see on the screenshot VS Code and the web shows different things. The Base element and all modules are entirely different.

2) Changes are not visible

My understanding is that I make changes and these changes should be visible in the “my app” version, right? But that is not always the case. I can see a new module I created, but not these changes in an existing module.

I added this view_name and I changed the description text of the “limit” input. Both changes are not visible in the scenario editor. Is my understanding wrong?

3) I cannot delete a new module

I added a new module “test” but cannot delete it anymore. I thought that as long as I don’t ask for review, I can undo everything I did. Is this the desired behavior that I can not delete this module anymore?

In the manual it says:

You can safely add and test new functions and when they are stable, you must follow our guidelines to have the changes checked and released to users.

I found this in the manual at the section updating / approved apps.

Is there any possibility to remove this module?

Thank you very much for your help.
Best regards