How to integrate Notion with MAKE to do a backup in DRIVE

More than a solution, I bring a question.

The goal is to be able to connect my NOTION environment through MAKE to create a backup in DRIVE of all the assets I have. This would be a schedule API call, to ensure that once week I have all my information backed up.

The problem: the isn’t any documentation. And, as I review the features that MAKE offers to do this NOTION integration, it isn’t intuitive. So, the problem is that I’m not a DEV, but I need to do this integration.

Hello @IVICUO, this is a public community, so it may not be the right place to get a 30-min call from an expert. You could send more details about your needs here and see if someone is able to help you. Else, you may contact official Make partners in the directory here:

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Hello @Simo thank you very much for the reply. Of course, this text was a mistake… rather I wanted to know if someone else in the community had information regarding this integration.

Thanks again