How to localize the output of the formatDate function (day of the week & month)

Then i use
formatDate(start; "ddd DD MMM YYYY HH:mm")

I get
Mon 19 Jun 2023 19:00

How can i get date in other language?
Something like in French:
lun. 19 juin 2023 19:00

Thanks for asking I think this is more of a feature request for our ISO module.

Please post this here: so everyone can vote on it.

I was struggling with this as well since I needed the same function to localise dates to Dutch. I have found a way to do this now, but hopefully this will be a (simpler) standard feature via the ISO module in the future.

In attached blueprint (use Import > Blueprint) you’ll see three modules: the first Switcher module (Tools > Transformers > Switch) is for localising month names from English to Dutch. Please adapt to your chosen language. The next Switcher module is for localising day names. The last module (Compose a String) transforms all the different date parts in my preferred localised date format, which is: <day name> <day number> <month name> <year>. Feel free to modify all parts to your liking.

localized_dates.json (9.0 KB)