How to make array in Firestore document from array from Airtable

Hey Make gangsters, PLEASE HELP, how do I take array with string values from Airtable and make a field in Firestore as array with all the values?

  1. For example [“apple”, “orange”] from Airtable → into field: “arrayFruits” and value [“apple”, “orange”] in Firestore, I cant seem to find a possiblitiy to dynamically add items in the array on Firestore module…

  2. instead of making it array, is there a way to actually convert the array into a map in Firestore?
    something like this:
    fruitsMap : { “apple” : true, “orange” : true}

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Use the Iterator and Array Aggregator module.
In the Array Aggregator module choose the Target structure from Firestore and map into the fields values from the Iterator module.