How to make telegram ChatGPT bot have better responses?

Hi there, I am trying to create a telegram bot that impersonates a celebrity and talks in their likeness, but I am having problems getting it to reply within context of what was said to it.

For example, if you say “hello, how are you?” to it, it spits out a random response that doesn’t come close to actually responding to the question.

I followed this guide:

Is there a way for me to import a preset from GPT playground? When I create a preset there I get responses I like.

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You can use the Message an Assistant module, which you can store the thread id for better chat-like context.

For more information, search my telegram posts on this forum, where I show screenshots of my personal telegram project using assistants.

You cannot use ChatGPT itself and Custom GPTs, because those two consumer products do not have an API. What we are using is just the GPT-4 model from OpenAI.

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