How to make the output of LLM(mistral ai) iteraterable by next term?

i wanna deal with the output of mistral ai ,to process every h2 by perplexity.

output of misral is like:

<h1>Hot Topics in AI Search Engines</h1>

<h2>1. Neural Search</h2>
<p>Neural search is a technique that uses deep learning models to improve the relevance and accuracy of search results. It has the potential to significantly enhance the search experience for users.</p>

<h2>2. Semantic Search</h2>
<p>Semantic search is the use of natural language processing and machine learning to understand the intent and context of a user's search query. It can help search engines provide more accurate and relevant results.</p>

<h2>3. Conversational Search</h2>
<p>Conversational search is a type of search that allows users to interact with search engines using natural language conversations. It has the potential to make search more intuitive and user-friendly.</p>

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You can use a Text Parser “Match Pattern” module with this Pattern (regular expression):



Important Info

  • :warning: Global match must be set to YES!
  • :warning: Multiline must be set to NO!

For more information, see Text Parser in the Make Help Center:

Match Pattern
The Match pattern module enables you to find and extract string elements matching a search pattern from a given text. The search pattern is a regular expression (aka regex or regexp), which is a sequence of characters in which each character is either a metacharacter, having a special meaning, or a regular character that has a literal meaning.

Hope this helps!


thx it works。

and how to just only grab

<h2>1. Neural Search</h2> 

is there any guide for regx newbie…

No problem, glad I could help!

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