How to make Whatsapp follow up system

I would like to send whatsapp message to facebook lead as soon as the lead comes. Plus if the lead doesnt respond to the text for 24 hours then i would like to send a follow up message. if the lead has replied no follow up text will be sent. how i can achieve this?

Here are the steps:

  1. At first, setup a Google Sheet to capture all the incoming leads info.

  2. Then setup a scenario to watch incoming messages. The incoming payload includes the Sender Name, WhatsApp Number.

  3. Now compare the lead creation time and the contact availability in the Google Sheet using the Google Sheets module. If you find the contact in Sheets then update the respective column that incoming message received.

  4. Create another scenario that do Search Google Sheets Row and check whether any lead that is create addHours(NOW;-24) and doesnt have incoming message.

  5. Use send message module to send message to all the lead that are in output of point 4.