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Hello Community,

I’m facing a bit of a challenge with my Whatsapp module and could really use some advice. I’ve created a Whatsapp module that monitors incoming messages for specific events. The issue arises when I use a message template with two reply buttons. For some reason, the module’s watch event is only recognizing the first button and completely ignores the second one.

Has anyone else encountered this? I’m looking for any solutions or suggestions to ensure that my module captures responses from both buttons.

Any insights or tips would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Ok, I found a fix for the issue.

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Hi @1Cup ,

You can share it, it may be useful next time.



Definitely! It appears that you can only use one cell for the reply. In my situation, I had two buttons labeled “Yes” and “No”. I wanted to record each reply in a separate cell on a Google Sheet, but unfortunately, that didn’t work. However, it did work when I selected only one cell to capture the reply, whether it was “Yes” or “No”. That’s perfectly fine with me as long as I can receive the response from the recipient. I hope this explanation is helpful.

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Hello @1Cup :wave:

Great to hear that you got things up and running on your own – awesome work! :clap:

Also, thank you for taking the time to read @Philippe_Billet’s comment and fulfilling his request by sharing your solution. This can be incredibly helpful for others looking for similar information in the future. :pray: