BUTTONS no tresponding on Whatsapp message template

I made a whatsapp template from facebook manager with buttons and stuff. but on makeAI i put a payload response for those buttons but i am not getting a reply in return. Can anyone help?

Hi @Moiz_Imran ,

Can you share a screenshot of the setup that you have done at your end?


Hi @Jay_Sha and @Moiz_Imran,
I’m having the same issue, or at least I think it’s the same.
When running the “Send a template message” with a template that has a flow, I’m getting the following 400 error:

(#131008) Required parameter is missing
Please specify a flow button component within template['components']

This is logical, as indeed the button isn’t showing in the module setup, exactly as you describe.
Have you been able to solve this?
Direct support from Make is close to non-existent and that’s a shame.