Send a Whatsapp flow/form template based on a watch event

  • Good day all, I am looking for assistance in sending a template message that has a button with a form (or flow) inside that template. I get the “flow component button” does not exist.

  • I have tried with other templates that have different buttons (custom, website, phone call) and they work fine. I cannot initiate any templates with forms in them.

Is it a mandatory requirement to have buttons in your WhatsApp message?

You could try for example sending a normal WhatsApp message with a link or a few options using “Send message” or “Send group message” actions with 2Chat [1]. One of the advantages of doing it this way is that you won’t need a template approval nor will you pay for each message.



We have the same problem, it seems the module of whats app on was designed before this feature on the whatsapp business was available. I guess make devs will need more time to update the modules and the functions on how to send different type of messages.