How to monitor a sheet in Google Sheets then map a different sheet for a message?

Hi, so I’m trying to build a connection between Google Sheets and Slack. The Google Sheets setup is that all the raw data are on Sheet1 and all the formatted and calculated data are in Sheet2. So for example, if I make a change in Sheet1 Column A, a lot of formulas and calculations will happen in Sheet2, and a new value will be reflected on Sheet2 Column M.

What I want to happen is that if I make a change in Column A of Sheet1, I could send a message in a Slack channel saying:
“Hi, Column M of Sheet2 has updated to [value].”

I’m just establishing the scenario, but I’ve already set up the Watch Changes part in Google Sheets. However, when trying to set up the Slack message, there seems to be no option to select which sheet from the Google Sheets integration the values would be mapped to. For example, when I click the Row Values dropdown, it’s just A-Z, with no indication of it’s for Sheet1 or Sheet2.

Basically, what I want to happen is to monitor values in Sheet1 for changes, then map the values in Sheet2 for the new message.

Is this possible? Do I have to add steps to my scenario? If so, how do I go about it? Thank you!

@cv102046 You configure the Sheet that you would like to act on, when configuring the add-on in Google Sheets.

If you setup the configuration of the add-on without any sheet, then you will get all the updates from all the sheets and you can see in the output where its coming from

See “Sheet name”

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