How to move an gmail to a folder after being sent?

I tried a lot of things but basically I want to send an email to a customer. Afterwhich the email send is place in a specific folder.

Tried to do the modify label / move to folder way but that doesn’t seem to work. You need the Email ID (UID) or Gmail Message ID. But after sending the email the only variable available is the Message ID (which doesn’t work).

Anyone knows how to fetch the EMAIL ID (UID) or Gmail Message ID after being sent?

Hi There!

I would suggest using the Email module instead of Gmail as it has the option to Get Email, here are the suggested steps:

1.) Send an Email (Email) module - Once the email is sent, it should then be saved to the Sent folder as this will be used to get the Email:

2.) Get Emails (Email) modules - This module will help us grab the needed Email UID, select the folder and then set the From Date using the now pill +add Minutes(-1) function:

3.) Moce an Email (Email) module - lastly, map the Email ID from the Get Emails module:


Mann thank you so much. I have been screwing around with so long. The only thing was with addMinitus (now;) Just left the next parameter blank and it worked as a charm instead of -1.

BUT OTHER than that thank you.