Gmail to GoogleDrive: Get Files from one Gmail label and upload it to a Google Drive folder

I don’t know how to do this. What modules to choose and what options to click per module:
I want emails that are labeled as “Invoices” on Gmail to be automatically uploaded to the Google Drive folder “Invoices” and renamed to an efficient & easy to find document name.
It should run once per day on 6:00AM PHT.

Hi @Jeffrey1 ,

You can use the Watch Email Module of the Gmail app in Make for this.

In the module settings, you can use something like this,

For the Google Drive one, You can simply iterate over the attachments and then rename the file as per your liking.

You can try out this blueprint,

blueprint (51).json (7.8 KB)


Can you also make it create automated a new folder with a custom name for each email ?