When an email gets a new label, automatically upload attachments to Google Drive

Hi community , I am just new here and would love to know also what are the tools or triggers should I use for this task? " 1. Once an email in a personal Gmail inbox gets the new label “Invoices”, the pdf attachment in the email (e.g. invoice.pdf) automatically gets uploaded to the Google Drive folder “Invoices” and renamed to an efficient & easy to find document name."

Hi there u can use step by step…

  1. Create a New Scenario: Start by creating a new scenario in your Integromat account.
  2. Trigger: Gmail - Watch Emails Choose the “Gmail” module as your trigger. Select the “Watch Emails” trigger event.
  • Connect your Gmail account.
  • Set the label to “Invoices” to monitor for emails with this label.
  1. Action: Gmail - Get Email Attachments Add an “Get Email Attachments” action module after the trigger.
  • Choose the email you received from the trigger.
  • Set the “Attachment Type” to “PDF” to only extract PDF attachments.
  1. Action: Google Drive - Upload a File Add a “Upload a File” action module after the “Get Email Attachments” module.
  • Connect your Google Drive account.
  • Choose the destination folder in Google Drive (e.g., “Invoices”).
  • Map the attachment from the “Get Email Attachments” module to the “File” field.
  • In the “File Name” field, you can enter a dynamic file name based on the email’s subject or any other relevant information.For example, you can use a formula like:
"Invoice - " & [Email Subject] & ".pdf"

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Can you please explain #3. I cant understand that part :cry: