How can I rename files uploaded to Google Drive? Help please

Hello @Runcorn I have already created several triggers to save incoming invoices from Gmail to Google Drive, I just couldn’t find a way or find out which trigger should I use to rename all incoming invoices files saved to my Gdrive. Thank you very much!

Hi @April,

What you want to do is add a filter in Watch Emails Module, that will only forward an email with an attachment.

After which, in the Upload a File Module, you can use the Map option to rename the file to your liking. Can you share how you want to rename the file, so that I can create a sample scenario that you can import and test this out.


Thank you so much for your prompt response. I would like to rename it to invoice_date

Hi @Runcorn another question I couldn’t run all modules it seems like it’s always run the first one even though I already saved it. How do I get it to run all 3 modules? As you can see there is only 1 bubble popped out on the Gmail side but not on the other Gmail and Gdrive. Thank you!

Press right click on the first modul
And select “Choose where to start”
Select all the suitable option from there

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Hello @Levin , I have tried the instructions you shared above but it doesn’t run on all scenario just the first one. What other troubleshooting should I do?

Can you record what you are doing and maybe open the moduls one by one.
I think the solution will be easy to spot if we can see what’s configured.


I tried to take a video however it says that the file is too large. I will just send the screenshot for each module. I tried again pressing “run once” but only the first one executed not the other 2. What I’m doing is Once an email in a personal Gmail inbox gets the new label “Invoices”, the pdf attachment in the email (e.g. invoice.pdf) automatically gets uploaded to the Google Drive folder “Invoices” and renamed to an efficient & easy to find document name.

I have already tried to run each module separately and it works. I just can’t run it all of them all at the same time.

Hi @April,

I have shared a recorded video regarding what you want to do in DM. Or, you can just use this blueprint to review the setup needed for setting what you want.

blueprint (55).json (7.8 KB)

Hi @Runcorn . Thank you very much! I really appreciate the effort.

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