Automate a PDF file to be uploaded to GDRIVE

Once an email in a personal Gmail inbox gets the new label “Invoices”, the pdf attachment in the email (e.g. invoice.pdf) automatically gets uploaded to the Google Drive folder “Invoices” and renamed to an efficient & easy to find document name. The automated process is created via and runs once per day on 6:00AM PHT.

Scenario URL (if any):

Hi @Fatima_Casareo,

We cannot access your scenario here in the community, so can you share a screenshot of your scenario?

Also, I am unsure if you are sharing the solution or want help setting it up. If it is the latter, can you share the issue you are facing so we can help you assess it?

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Sorry about that, here is the image attached. I think I incorrectly mapped it. Can you help?

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From the look of it, The error you are getting is due to Folder Invoices not found in the GDrive. Can you recheck that and confirm if it exists?

Plus, Can you share me the mapping done in Upload a File Module in Make, Just to check how you are passing the data and other details.

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I tried to run it again and it seems it can read my GDRIVE folder now, however, no file was transferred to it.

From the screenshot,it looks like the issue is with the New Folder Location. Can you try removing the GDrive Folder and then add the Upload a file Module again and see if that works?

It should look like,


instead of Invoices in New Folder Location.

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I tried it but it seems the file was not still uploaded on Gdrive

It seems like the Upload a File in not being executed from the last screenshot, Try right-clicking the Watch Emails module and choose “Choose where to start from”, Select Select the first email options and click on email that has attachment.

After which run the scenario once and see if uploads the file.

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Oh it worked! Awesome~!

I have a question now, it is now working but I need to trigger it manually same as above, how can I run it automatically everytime I receive the file named “Invoice” it will go straight to GDRIVE?

Remove on demand and schedule it to run every 15 minutes or lower if required if instantly option is not available.

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This means, this is okay and it will just run after 15 minutes right?

Yeah, it will run every 15 minutes and will pickup new emails from inbox if any.

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Thank you!

I just did a test, I turned off the scheduling mode and it seems it doesn’t run properly.

What I can’t figure it out is to run this automatically without triggering the “where to start” option

Just a heads-up though, IT will consume 1 operation every 15 minutes, so unless you want to immediately upload the File to GDrive, and if it doesn’t need to happen immediately you can increase the schedule to an hour or so.

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It will be set to from now on be default, so what it does is like if there is new email then it will pick that up.

If you want to run it for past emails, then what you want to do is set the Maximum number of results
in Watch email settings to higher value and then choose where to start and select a specific date from where you want to run these.

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I see thank you so much for the help!

Let me try it now to see if it will be transferred to my folder after 15 minutes.

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Heya @Fatima_Casareo

I just wanted to see if you had a moment to try setting up the maximum number of results & the ‘choose where to start’ option suggested by @runcorn. Did it do the trick for you? Feel free to keep us posted on the progress!

Hello Fatima,

Is it okay if you can send a loom video here with the step by step process that you did in creating this automation. I am stuck in connecting my Gmail account. :frowning_face: