Automate a PDF file to be uploaded to Google Drive


Can anyone help me start this new task I got from my client? I just didn’t know where to start or how to even do it.

Here’s the specified task that was given:

  1. Once an email in a personal Gmail inbox gets the new label “Invoices”, the pdf attachment in the email (e.g. invoice.pdf) automatically gets uploaded to the Google Drive folder “Invoices” and renamed to an efficient & easy to find document name.
  2. The automated process is created via and runs once per day on 6:00AM PHT.


Hi :wave:t5:

I would recommend checking the below scenario template.

You will then need to set the folder in the Gmail module to “invoice” in order to watch only the emails with the “invoice” label.

The .pdf attachments can be filtered with the use of the below filter.