How to only get only newest items from API output?

I am experimenting with copying new Inoreader annotations to the Raindrop bookmarking service.

To do this, I have to use the direct API connection at both ends. Not a plain HTTP call, but, rather, the API options offered by both provider within Make.

I have successfully also separated out the results “items” from the results object.

But, now, if I run the scenario, it’s just going to get the whole list of items over and over again – because there seems to be no “memory” like if I was using one of the preset trigger drop down items.

Is there a way, when generating results like this, to “remember” items, so that a) I don’t have to waste time checking and b) I only get the newest available annotations?

I just want to get the newest items.

Hey @RobertAndrews

There are a few ways you can resolve this:

  1. Assuming it runs every day once, you can check with the Inoreader (trigger module’s) API if they have any variable that only sends data for a given date range. Then you can just specify the dates like this, consult the inoreader API doc for more info on how to make the API request
  2. Use data store or google sheet to keep track of the item IDs, if that already passed through the flow filter it out.
  3. Create your own custom app. You can create your custom app with ACID trigger that will ensure it only retrieves newly created items, items that haven’t gone through the flow.