How to only use bundles with a date attribute in specific range?

I want to make a scenario to get the newest bookmarks added to a Raindrop collection since some last check.

“Watch Bookmarks” is not appropriate because I don’t need to check for each new bookmark addition.

Best to use “List Bookmarks” to get the specific collection periodically, on a schedule.

Now, this will always get too many bookmarks because there is no control over the date range.

So, I need to scope-down only the desired date range after the List Bookmarks is done.

List Bookmarks generates bundles with “Creation Date” items.

How could I create a new array/whatever containing only the bundles whose Creation Dates are after a particular date?

That date would need to be since-last-run.
However, to avoid setting some kind of flag in Data Store, lets just assume the scenario is run on a predictable schedule - say, every two days at a particular time. That way, I think it would be possible to work out the since-last-run time by just deducting two days from the current date-time, right? (How?)

I basically want to check for if there are any new items added between THEN and NOW.

In the final outcome, I will simply want to do a count of the matching array items and send a message to a recipient saying something like “There are N new bookmarks”.


I don’t know the Raindrop modules. But I suspect that the Watch Bookmarks normally retrieves new items from the last run. I suggest testing it.

To answer your question directly…
All you need to do is add a filter directly after the “List Booksmarks” module similar to this:

Depending on the actual format of the “Creation Date” value, you may need to add a parseDate() function also. Like this:

{{parseDate(1.Creation Date; “DD MMMM YYYY HH:mm”)}}

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Oh, I may have been stupidly forgetting how a basic “Watch” trigger works, despite using similar ones so many times.

Yeah, I just tested Watch Bookmarks on a 1 min schedule and, when I added a new Raindrop bookmark, it only returned that bundle.

So I guess I can use Watch Bookmarks with a specific schedule… every Wednesday and Friday, 8pm.