Need help Creating a datetime filter for dropbox

so a client’s scenario is trigerred by a webhook in dropbox, ideally would have loved to use data from the wwebhook to map the file and download it but we only get an id and the webhook listens for any change whatsoever, so we resort tolisting items in that folder and getting the most recent, i wanna use a datetime property for a filter, can i create a filter that checks if the execution time contains idk maybe similarities with the modified time? i really dont know or what do you suggest we do here?
thanks aby input will be appreciated

i also noticed it lists all itemsin the folder with a modified time,how cani pick the latest?

Hello :blob_wave:,

Generally, you can use the "date and time functions" in the Make filter to adjust it according to your needs.
e.g. to check whether the item was modified (“server modified at”) between your scenario interval (e.g. 3 hours), you could use the filter below.

The negative number in the “addHours” function needs to match your scenario scheduling interval.
You would basically simulate the behaviour of the “watch” module.

Regarding picking up the latest.
You could use the “total number of bundles” and “bundle order position” in the filter to ensure only the last (or first) item will be used.


I hope it makes sense.

Cheerio :cat_roomba: