How to post twitter with image?

Anyone know how to tweet a post with a picture?

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If you want to post a Tweet with a picture, you need Media ID’s. What you have to do is:

  1. In order to get Media IDs value, go to Twitter v5(Twitter legacy) app > Upload a Media.
  • as an example I stored my picture in a Google Drive, but you can do that with whatever tool you want.


  1. Add Create a Tweet module(new version not legacy) and use the Media ID’s from Upload a Media module.

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Hi, could you please clarify how to go to Twitter v5?
I cannot found where to add it

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yeh that v5 module is not appearing from search…

Hey I was wondering if you had any luck finding the legacy version of Twitter or even better how to upload a photo to a post.?? Thanks

The legacy API endpoint has been discontinued by Twitter, so Twitter v5 has been discontinued by Make. The Twitter v6 integration on Make does not have an “Upload a media” module.

You can request that an “Upload a media” module be created for the new version of the Twitter integration on Make, by directly contacting support. You can open a new ticket, or if you are unable to login for some reason, you also can reach support using the contact form on the website.

If the external service has a Developer API Reference/Documentation then you should be able to integrate the endpoints in Make using the app’s universal module (Make an API call) or generic HTTP “Make a request” module.

You can also suggest for it to be made in the Idea exchange. Don’t forget to search for it first, just in case someone already suggested it, so that you don’t end up creating a duplicate.

If you need assistance in setting up the app’s universal module, or the generic HTTP module, please provide additional information about what you have tried with regards to the external service’s Developer API Reference – how you are setting the connection up, a link to the endpoint are you trying to connect to, and what errors you are encountering.

If you manage to get your issue resolved, we’d still love to hear about it! Sharing your solution on the forum can help others facing similar problems.


Hi, maybe i am misunderstanding but i have the v5 Twitter module, but I don’t understand how to use it to add an image to my tweet in the v6 module. Screenshot below. Thank you.

As mentioned, there is no option to.

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Hey, so support did get back to me and there is the legacy Twitter version available you just have to click the single Twitter icon and then the second one will appear. So based on that do you think you could help and see if you can get a Twitter automation for picture or video upload? Anyone have an idea of how I would attempt that? I’ve tried a lot of things and gotten some good error messages but I’m just not sure that it can be done so I thought I’d check here with the pros. Thanks for all your help

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