How to upload a photo in a tweet

I would like to know how to upload a photo in a tweet
Thank you

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Hi. This will take you through everything you need.

Under “attachment” it says: " Use the Add item button to attach an image, video, or GIF file."

Note - you can’t use a free Make account for this (if you have one).

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I simply have the following fields, what should I fill in here?

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read through that article i linked. It contains everything you need. At the bottom there is section on “create a tweet” - expand it and you will see an explanation of the Status field

I don’t understand how to upload an image…

Can you please guide me on how to post media/image on twitter. I am trying to upload a png file using V5 version of twitter .

Not able to figure out what is wrong with my scenario . (I am uploading some screen shots of my scenario). It is giving media type as unrecognized.

link of image –