Upload media (images and video) along with post text to X (formerly twitter)


I am struggling to add media to my twitter post.
I http download an image from an airtable and then i wanna upload that image to Twitter along with a post.

Just posting works like a charm but when I wanted to add image it gives me an error. (V6)
I found the V5 version where I can add the http get file download option.
Still getting an error. I have the free tier on twitter where I believe I can post images not just words.

The operation failed with an error. [403] You currently have access to a subset of Twitter API v2 endpoints and limited v1.1 endpoints (e.g. media post, oauth) only. If you need access to this endpoint, you may need a different access level. You can learn more here: https://developer.twitter.com/en/portal/product

I am connected with API key and API key secret.

Can anyone help me out here please?

You need two Twitter connections.

One for v5, another for v6.

See Twitter module says to use "Upload a Media" action, but this no longer exists - #2 by Michaela


Thank you, let me try this out.

so I tried this out, as the link says

I have added those 2 different callback urls (they were added already for me)
I am still getting the error…

perhaps the individual Twitter v5 and v6 module settings aren’t good.
Do you have a hunch?

OK I was able to do it:
step 0, http get file
step 1, v5 (legacy) twitter upload media module


step 2, connect the v6 twitter poster